A Note From The CEO


The contentment of ‘GOOD’ may be good enough for some…but most of us want more than that. Something inside us makes us want to be better than good. Here at Motiza, we want to search for GREATNESS!

 I am repeatedly finding myself reflecting upon a phrase ‘Find your inner YOU’, ‘Find your inner YOU’, ‘Find your inner YOU’. Now what does this mean? We’re all intact, aren’t we? We know who we are as individuals, don’t we? But why don’t we start thinking beyond the horizon and start discovering ourselves from within. There is something deeper and more meaningful about truly finding your inner selves. NOW THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT MOTIZA AIMS TO STRIVE FOR!



MOTI] PEARL [ZA] LIFE; lets value our soul together. Let’s value our life together. We believe it is of utmost important for an individual to make valuable lifestyle choices to build the ground base for a happier and a healthier self.

Belonging from the roots of herbal trading since over 40 years, Motiza has been branched out in 2019 and is currently launching digitally (2022). Situating our prime focus around sourcing the finest raw ingredients and the assembling of essential oils, fragrances and herbal care products for hair, body and face allows us to climb the ladder of healthy living to not create a new you but to help you achieve your best health from within.

Join our Motiza community and let’s create a wholesome lifestyle together!